Posted: May 3, 2018 in Diary

When C.A.R.I.A.D. had sight of an email that Dogs Trust had sent to MPs this week who had signed EDM 695, we were not surprised. It’s no secret that the largest dog rehoming business in the UK does not support an immediate ban on puppies being sold in pet shops or by third parties.

But, when we read the contents of the email we were quite frankly disgusted. It’s one thing to lobby MPs for what you believe in, but it’s quite another to deliberately mislead MPs about what Lucy’s Law is calling for, and it’s also rather disingenuous to look as though you’re delighted that there is a debate in parliament on 21st May when this debate was triggered by campaigners.

So here is the offending article for all to see. The original email sent by Dogs Trust.

DT Original Email

And just in case we haven’t been completely clear, we have placed below a version amended by us which is what we believe Dogs Trust should now send to those same MPs immediately.

What DT Email Should Say

Trust is something that must be earned and once lost is incredibly hard to regain. Our trust in Dogs Trust has been sorely tested of late …

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