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We recently received the most amazing message from a wonderful lady called Anna who had not only completed our Great British Ex-Breeding Dog Survey, but had shared with us the poem she’d written for her puppy farm survivor rescue Labrador, Penny.

A Poem for Penny is a poem of survival, determination, hope, happiness and ultimately, LOVE. We are truly honoured to be sharing Anna’s poem as well as photographs of Penny and Anna’s other rescue, the adorable Scrappy. Are we in love … you bet!

Penny and Scrappy


Penny was a cocoa bean
The cutest one you’ve ever seen
But born in the dark
No heat, no sun,
No warmth, no light
No games, no fun.
A noisy box, a smelly bed
No human touch on her fluffy head

As months went by not much had changed
Still not a pet, still with no name
She thought this is what life’s about
She thought that without any doubt
Her life was all for giving birth
That raising babies was her worth
Until they left her for a home
and poor Penny would remain alone

Then one day Penny left that place
A sullen look upon her face
Her baby making days were through
What was she now supposed to do?
She found herself inside a cage
With other dogs around her age
With sunshine, food and different smells
That was clean and pleasant, for a cell
Humans passed and said hello
She wasn’t sure which way to go
People were not things she’d seen
She only knew that they were mean

Until one day a couple came
And smiled and gave her a new name
“Penny, you are coming home
To run and eat and play and roam
And make our couple up to 3
To turn us into a family”

4 years have passed, and Penny says
She’s not forgotten those early days
But now she’s happy, with daddy and mummy,
A comfy bed and a full tummy
A place where she can run and jump
Her coat is shiny and she’s plump!
A family to call her own
If only she had always known
That this is how a dog should live
With humans who have love to give
Not in a dark and lonesome place
Never seeing a kindly face

So next time when you see a pup
And cuddle him and pick him up
And think ‘so cute, I want a dog’
I’ll find an online catalogue
Of angelic faces, cute as ever
Puppy farm? Oh no, oh never!
Remember Penny, sad and lonely
In her box all skin and boney
Making puppies by the dozen
Along with her mum, sister and cousin
So that someone can make some money
And take a plane to somewhere sunny

Go find yourself a rescue page
There’s dogs of every size and age
All with stories that they cannot tell
Who’ll love you forever, just as well
As any pup you buy online
As long as you give them some time
To know you and to know you’re there
To love and hold, to feed and care
Cos rescue dogs aren’t bad or lame
They’re dogs, they’re pets, they’re not to blame
So Penny says “don’t shop, adopt”
And get the puppy farmers stopped

Penny and Scrappy 2

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