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ONE of the things we are pushing for within a holistic strategy to combatting puppy farming, is a ban on the sale of puppies by third parties for one simple reason – most puppy farmers never have to open their doors to the public or any kind of prying eye apart from council licensing inspectors. These inspections happen once a year and do not give a true picture of what happens on a daily basis in these establishments on the other 364 days of the year. Nor are licensing staff animal welfare experts. Added to this is that in Wales puppy farmers can dictate which vet signs off their dogs as fit to breed from when they relicense. It is the perfect storm when it comes to the lack of transparency and impartiality which continues to allow canine suffering. These are the same establishments that sell their poorly bred and often sick puppies to licensed pet shops and puppy dealers.

Daily Mirror Article: Puppy Farms Operating Behind Firmly Closed Doors

What this means is that thousands of puppy farm dogs are suffering behind closed doors and their often sick and underage puppies are being sold on to YOU, via a network of third party sellers (pet shops and puppy dealers). This is HUGE business not just here on the mainland, but with the thousands of puppies being imported from Ireland and the rest of Europe (puppies bred on industrial scale puppy farms). These too are being sold to pet shops and puppy dealers. THIS IS ALL PERFECTLY LEGAL.

We, and many others have continued to lobby government on virtually a daily basis to get a ban enforced so that EVERY dog breeder has to open their doors to public scrutiny. Unfortunately, and although many of you don’t want to hear it, a handful of the largest and richest national charities are doing the complete OPPOSITE*. They are actively lobbying government to keep this network of puppy dealing going, knowing this will keep thousands of dogs suffering on puppy farms, and ensuring thousands of sick puppies imported into the country will continue to be sold to puppy dealers. They will tell you their reasons are based on a belief that a ban won’t or can’t work – they’re wrong. We have our own thoughts on what their real reasons really are, but we’ll keep those to ourselves for now. (*We have the evidence)

Below is a screenshot of a paragraph taken from a letter issued by Lord Gardiner. This paragraph clearly states that ‘a number of established welfare charities have advised against a ban on third party puppy sales of puppies’.


Below is a screenshot of the response by George Eustice to Justin Tomlinson MP on the issue of a ban on third party sales of puppies. George Eustice’s response clearly states ‘Evidence was also presented to the recent EFRA Committee inquiry by Blue Cross, and The Dogs Trust on the annual demand and the risks of applying such a ban.’

response-from-george-eusticeThankfully, we are not alone. There are other charities and organisations out there lobbying for a ban because unlike the speculation being offered to Government by these three powerful charities, organisations lobbying FOR a ban can support this with evidence; these include IFAW, OneKind, Brian May’s Save Me Trust, Naturewatch and more recently due to their revised position, the RSPCA.

Another great campaigning organisation called Protect All Wildlife has started a petition urging Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to reverse their stance on this ban and do the right thing for the dogs. These three charities have the ear of the Minister and the Minister has acted according to their wishes and dismissed EFRA’s and the RSPCA’s recommendation for a ban on selling puppies in pet shops and by third parties. We have been told that this consultation is the last chance for this ban to be considered by Westminster for many years. So, at the eleventh hour we are desperately asking them to reverse their decision as it seems that Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and Battersea hold all the cards for the future of our nation’s long suffering puppy farm dogs and pet shop puppies.

As an aside: Even if selling puppies in pet shops wasn’t linked to the puppy farming industry, we would have thought that these charities would be fighting tooth and nail to stop puppies being sold like commodities in pet shops. These are sensitive, intelligent sentient beings, not groceries or electrical goods. But the fact that the third party puppy trade is inextricably linked to the cruelty of puppy farming makes it even more disappointing that they have lobbied the Government to dismiss calls for a ban – especially after all the evidence we have provided to these charities in so many face to face meetings with them.

We love dogs and we know you do to. If you want to see an end to puppy farming, if you believe that selling puppies in pet shops as commodities is wrong, PLEASE read this blog by Protect All Wildlife and sign and support their petition to these three charities as a matter of urgency. The clock is ticking and time is sadly running out for the dogs … thank you.


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