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On 16th November 2016, following an extensive consultation and evidence period, the EFRA Committee released its report into animal welfare in England (domestic pets). Many individuals and organisations submitted evidence to the committee including our very own coalition represented by Julia Carr (acknowledged as Pup Aid in the report). Our oral evidence can be viewed here.

There are many recommendations contained within the EFRA report that we support, but the one of most interest to our coalition is of course a ban on third party sales of dogs. The EFRA recommendation states “We recommend that the Government ban third party sales of dogs. Dogs should only be available from licensed, regulated breeders or approved rehoming organisations.” This recommendation follows extensive evidence submitted by our coalition and we’re pleased to see the EFRA Committee has referred to this evidence in their report.


This all sounds fantastic and a hugely positive and vital step towards ending puppy farming. But here’s the problem. If the EFRA consultation is anything to go by, plus what we’ve seen and heard since the release of their report, there will be a whole host of national charities, MPs and sadly even some puppy farming campaigners challenging this recommendation. (click here)

This December has to be about the dogs, not vested interests. It has to be about ensuring Defra listens to the experts, those who have been at the sharp end of the puppy trade for years, those who have no hidden agendas or ulterior motives for maintaining the status quo.

This is why we’re launching our campaign ‘DEFRA DECEMBER – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DOGS’. Between 1st – 24th December 2016, we will be asking the public to do one simple thing each day. One thing that has the potential to make a difference for the thousands upon thousands of breeding dogs and their puppies suffering, as we speak, in licensed and unlicensed puppy farms.


Join us each day to see what our Defra December Advent Calendar needs you to do on behalf of the dogs. Please spread the message about our Defra December campaign – we need everyone to get involved. Dogs cannot speak for themselves, but you can most certainly speak for them.

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